No matter what industry your business operates in, there is one thing that transcends costs and pricing: health. You can’t put a price on health – so it makes sense to invest in the health insurance of your employees. Valuable staff deserve to be valued by their employers, and provision of health insurance demonstrates that we are about their happiness and well-being. Just over 25% of employers with less than 50 members of staff offer health insurance to their employees, with a further 22% pledging to roll it out in the near future.

Many of these businesses, due to their small size, aren’t obliged to offer health insurance to their staff under the Affordable Care Act. Despite this fact, an increasing number of small businesses are offering cover to their staff through group plans – indeed, the benefits are obvious. If you still haven’t made your mind up, check out the top 5 reasons why your company should consider health insurance with


Hunting for insurance shouldn’t be a daunting affair, and at Wellness Rewards we are firm believers that you don’t have to go it alone. One of our committed advisors can take you through each step of the process, drawing up a policy which works for you, your business and your employees. Based on your industry and coverage preferences, Wellness Rewards can get the health insurance process started, keeping your company compliant with the law.

Our team of trained staff can assist you in selecting a policy that works. Wellness Rewards can offer themselves as the healthcare expert for your staff, removing the responsibility of answering difficult healthcare questions from our clients.


Recent data suggests that employees hold health insurance as the most important benefit that they can receive from a current or prospective employer. Therefore, Wellness Rewards believe that a strong health insurance policy should be the first benefit offered by your company.

According to a survey by Glassdoor, employees said health insurance is, by far, the most important benefit they receive from their employer. That’s why employers should offer health insurance as their first company benefit, then add on additional benefits over time. Other benefits such as holiday time and pension plans are also priorities which tend to come second to healthcare.

Investing in the health of your employers should, therefore, be a primary objective of your company. With the packages and services offered by Wellness Rewards, your company can recruit the best staff and encourage them to stay with your company.


Employers and employees pay a smaller fee for insurance when it is purchased as a group. The tax benefits are plentiful:

Employee savings:  When staff purchases health insurance as a group with Wellness Rewards, they can save up to 45% on their health insurance plans.

Employer savings: Employer contributions are tax-deductible

Employee compensation premiums are reduced

Employees may prefer benefits over salary (according to recent studies, nearly 80 percent of workers would prefer new or additional benefits to a pay increase).


Many health professionals refuse to accept individual plans, and often charge more for services that are more sought-out by patients. With Wellness Rewards, purchasing a group plan can increase your access to better doctors, better nurses and better hospitals.


A well-known fact is that employees who prioritize preventive care such as regular check-ups get more accomplished in a working day. Naturally, an employer should focus on bringing out the best in their staff’s productivity. For a logical business, this is a no brainer… how can we focus on our work if we are concerned about our health?


From building a happier, healthier workforce to saving time and money, the benefits of offering your employees health insurance through Wellness Rewards are considerable. Encourage a culture of trust and well-being in your company – get in touch today.

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